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Welcome to Cyclescheme at Leith Cycle Co.

Cyclescheme is the UK’s number one provider of tax free bikes for work through independent bike shops. We are very pleased to be affiliated to the scheme, and are very happy to help inform you about one of the best government tax breaks so far.

Leading providers of the Cycle To Work scheme in Edinburgh, Leith Cycle Co’s programme can supply bikes via your employer at a substantial discount.

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Employee Benefits

Bicycle and Accessory Purchase
  • Income tax, VAT and national insurance contributions savings can add up to 50% off the shop floor price of the bike and accessories.
  • Choose from the finest range of bicycles available in the UK.
  • No finance charges.
  • Spread the cost of commuting**.
  • Enjoy the health benefits of commuting to work.
  • Make your salary go further each month.
  • Save on fuel, bus or train fares.

Here is a typical example which illustrates possible savings under the Cycle To Work programme. Actual savings will depend on each individual’s personal circumstances and tax rate. You can use the calculator on the cyclescheme website:,calculator.htm

Bicycle and Accessory Purchase

Bike: £299.99
Helmet: £24.99
Lights: £14.99
Lock: £16.99
Total cost of bike and accessories: £356.96

VAT saving on bike and accessories (NB helmets are exempt from VAT): £49.94
Net cost of bike and accessories: £307.52

Income tax saving over hire period: £61.50
NI saving over hire period: £33.83
Final cost of bike and accessories: £212.19
Total saving: £144.77

Gross monthly salary sacrifice, based on 12 month hire period: £25.63
Net monthly salary sacrifice, based on 12 month hire period: £17.68
Percentage saving over RRP: 40.6%

Higher tax and national insurance rate payers will save even more than the above example.

*Actual savings depend on your personal circumstances and tax rate.
** Bikes purchased on the scheme must primarily be used for commuting.

How to Apply

  • 1. Select your voucher amount. To get an idea of the value of the voucher you require, just come along to our shop in Leith Walk. Select the bike and accessories that best suit your needs, we will be able to provide you with advice on what equipment is best for you. Our email/telephone contact details are on our website. Vouchers are available in any amount from £250 up to £1,000*. Remember the voucher amount is for the RETAIL price of the bike and accessories, the ACTUAL price you will end up paying will be around 50% less than the retail price.
  • 2. Complete the forms. The next step is to inform the person at your work responsible for running the Cycle To Work programme of your desired voucher amount. They will fill out the necessary forms with you and order a voucher for your chosen amount.
  • 3. Get your new bike! A voucher for your chosen amount will be delivered to your home address. You can then use this voucher to purchase your new bike and accessories with us at the Leith Cycle Co.
  • 4. Save and spread the costs. The amount you select is split into 12 equal parts and will begin leaving your salary before deductions in your next pay. You take advantage of the savings and spread the payments across a 12 month period with no finance charges.

*Vouchers over £1000 are also available. Please consult your employer to see if spend greater than £1000 is available to you.

Full details about the scheme can be found at