Second hand bikes for sale

Second hand bikes for sale

The following secondhand bikes are available, feel free to give us a call to discuss any questions you may have, we can also help you choose the right size and style of bike for your intended riding. 

Please note that a few of them are in storage off site so if you would like to avoid disappointment please call ahead and let us know which bikes you are interested in so that we can make sure they are available to view when you come through. 

Pssst... We might even be a wee bit negotiable on these if you bribe us with a cup of coffee wink

IMG 3722.jpg

Optima Solano - Low step Mountain Bike Styled Hybrid bike with a 26 inch wheel, front suspension and a small frame - £80.00

IMG 3723.jpg

Raleigh Volatile - Low Step Mountain Bike styled hybrid bike with a 26 inch wheel, front suspension and a small frame - £80.00

IMG 3724.jpg

Apollo XCR26 - A small framed mountain bike styled hybrid with front suspension - £80.00

IMG 3735.jpg

Capital Folding Bike - A small to medium folding bike with a 16" wheel - £60.00

IMG 3736.jpg

Activ ATB Monte - A small framed, ladies mountain bike styled hybrid bicycle - £150.00

IMG 3738.jpg

Black Hybrid - Large size hybrid bicycle with all terrain tyres - £80.00

IMG 3740.jpg

Apollo Jewel - Medium framed ladies hybrid bicycle - £80.00

IMG 3742.jpg

Btwin Original 300 - Medium sized hybrid bicycle with 26 inch wheels - £100.00

IMG 3743.jpg

Specialised Hardrock 4X - Large 26 inch wheeled hybrid bicycle - £100.00

IMG 3744.jpg

Coventry Eagle Connect - Large framed Hybrid bicycle with 26 inch all terrain wheels - £80.00

IMG 3745.jpg

Activ Fifth Avenue - Extra Large sized hybrid bicycle with 700c wheels - £125.00

IMG 3746.jpg

Apollo FS26 - Small mountain bike with front and rear suspension - £80.00