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  • Winter Bike Prep

    Like it or not, winter is on it's way. Now is the time to prepare you bike for whatever winter throws at it.

    Step One: Get it serviced if it hasn't been done for a while. You want to be sure your brakes, gears and tyres are in good order.

    Step Two: Clean the chain thoroughly and re lube it with a robust chain lube, We use TF2's Performance all condition lube. Then dust the outside of the chain with a protector. We use Scottoiler's ultimate bike solution.

    Step Three: Clean the frame and components with a bike cleaner, we use Muc-Off. You may need to use a de-greaser for the more oily parts.

    Step Four: Once the frame is dry, coat it with a protector. We use Scottoiler's ultimate bike solution. You can also use GT85 or TF2 but be careful to avoid the rims if you use these.

    Step Five: Make sure your rims are clean. You can wipe them over with a damp cloth or clean them with a brush and warm soapy water to get the dried on brake dust. This will greatly improve you stopping ability. If you have disc brakes you can remove the pads to clean them and clean the rota. Make sure you user an approved disc brake cleaner.

    Step Six: Keep it clean! Don't let your bike disappear under grime, clean it regularly or take it to a shop and get them to clean it for you. If you look after your bike it will look after you!

    If you need more in depth advice please feel free to give us a call or drop an e mail or even pop in for a chat.

  • Tyre Pressure

    Keep your tyres properly inflated.  Look on the side wall of the tyre for the recommended pressure.  Mountain bikes will be approx. 35 to 60 psi.  Hybrids will be approx. 50 to 80 psi and road bikes will be approx. 80 to 120 psi.  Keeping your tyres inflated properly will make the bike easier to ride, protect against wear and tear, improve the handling and reduce punctures.

    We keep a pump out side the shop for customers to use.  Give us a shout if you need help using it.

  • Cleaning your chain

    Clean your chain! A clean chain will work better and last longer.  You can take it off the bike and soak it in de greaser or you can clean it on the bike with a chain bath. A wipe over with a cloth will help to keep the outside of the chain clean. Don't over lube the chain after cleaning, remember you are lubricating the inside of the chain. 

  • 3 piece bottom brackets

    If you have an old or fairly budget bike, it may well have one of these bottom brackets.  This is the bit the pedals attach to at the bottom of the bike.  If you have had it for a while it will probably look like this!  A worn bottom bracket will effect the performance of your bike.  A replacement sealed bottom bracket is easy to fit and will make a big difference to your bike.  Why not pop in and get yours checked.

    3 piece bb.jpeg

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